Renaud Sero Advisors

Renaud Sero Advisors


After over 20 years with a large, global commercial real estate firm we decided that there was a need for individualized, client focused commercial real estate services, so Renaud Sero Advisors was founded on these three basic principles:

  • Integrity without greed
  • Personalized attention to the client’s needs
  • Superior service

These principals continue to guide all of our real estate transactions and relationships with our clients.


Renaud Sero Advisors is dedicated to serving the client’s best interest and improving its bottom line performance as it relates to its real estate costs. Our customer-focused, personalized approach is driven by our dedication to honesty and transparency in every transaction. Not only do we take the time necessary to understand exactly what our clients need to achieve their goals and objectives, we also dedicate the time necessary to achieving those goals and objectives.


Renaud Sero Advisors strives to provide highly customizable processes that address the unique objectives of your company’s real estate needs. Retaining RSA to represent your company by handling negotiations with landlords and owners will help improve your bottom line, and allow your company to focus on what it does best. Our multi-phase approach and open system allows us to expand our services by collaborating with other hand-picked professionals such as project managers, financial analysts, architects and attorneys that are best suited to accommodate your company’s budget and requirements.